Monday, 22 June 2015


Team Carlos-Weltschmerz registered seven riders for 2015’s London-Brighton, but the field was quickly reduced to six after Mommersteeg's last minute withdrawal. (Talk of increased haematocrit levels spread through the peloton, but at the time of writing these reports remain unsubstantiated.) In addition, Gowland and Ross-Gower were delayed in their attempts to reach Clapham Common for the scheduled start, and so were given special dispensation to join the race at Mitcham but allocated fifth and sixth place accordingly, despite arriving at Turner’s Hill ahead of everyone but Wenborn. (Indeed, Wenborn ripped through the field, reaching Turner’s Hill approximately 25 minutes ahead of the next placed rider, team débutant James Somerfield.)
The second leg was a close run thing between Wenborn and Somerfield, some 20 metres separating them up the climb to Ditchling Beacon. A bizarre turn of events then unfolded. Wenborn reached the summit first and pulled over - as is customary - but Somerfield failed to stop, rode straight on through to Brighton and was penalised for doing so; he was allocated last place, despite recording a time that may well have won him the final stage. Evans and Easterbrook contested second place in his absence, with Evans winning out by little more than a wheel’s length in a reverse of last year’s sprint finish between these two riders.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Final Standings

20 - Wenborn
20 - Wenborn
20 - Wenborn
60 - Wenborn
16 - Somerfield
16 - Somerfield
16 - Evans
44 - Evans
14 - Evans
14 - Evans
14 - Easterbrook
41 - Somerfield
12 - Easterbrook
12 - Easterbrook
12 - Gowland
38 - Easterbrook
10 - Gowland †
10 - Gowland
10 - Ross-Gower
32 - Gowland
  9 - Ross-Gower †
  9 - Ross-Gower
  9 - Somerfield *
28 - Ross-Gower

† Joined race at Mitcham

* Somerfield allocated last place for not stopping after Stage 2